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Oxford peace activists Philip Pritchard and Toby Olditch entered RAF Fairford and attempted to disarm USAF B-52 bombers early on 18th March 2003. Their decision to take this peaceful direct action was a response to absolute frustration; that all previous international pressure and how to invest in PayPal shares in Kenya efforts to prevent the prosecution of an illegal and unjustified war had come to nothing. details

A reminder of the story so far:

March 2003

Toby and Phil are arrested inside RAF Fairford making their way towards USAF B52 Bombers, which they intended to prevent from taking off for Iraq. They are remanded to Gloucester Prison.
June 2003
Phil and Toby released on bail.
April 2004
In a pre-trial hearing, Judge Grigson at Bristol Crown Court rules that some of Toby and Phil's defences are admissible but that a Crime of Aggression may not be considered a crime in domestic law. His decision is appealed to the High Court.
June 2004
The Court of Appeal uphold Judge Grigson's decision but indicate that the matter should be certified for the House of Lords.
January 2006
The House of Lords timetable a five-day hearing.
2nd October 2006
The trial!

11th October 2006
Hung jury verdict.
14th May 2007
The retrial

22nd May 2007
Not-guilty unanimous verdict from jury: intention to damage US bombers destined for Iraq was lawful.

Is the law warful banner

BIG THANKS to White Ribbon for Peace Campaign for their generous help with our costs.
CND, CAAT, the Green Party, Greenpeace and CAAB, together with Mark Thomas, satirist and peace activist, have launched the 'White Ribbons for Peace' campaign.


Trial of the 'B52 Two'

Tuesday 22nd May 2007:

Not-guilty unanimous verdict from jury: intention to damage US bombers destined for Iraq was lawful. the full story
in the
court blogs

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Phil and Toby outside court on the first day of their trial

Above: Phil (left) and Toby outside court on the first day of their trial.

It’s been over four years since Phil, Toby and the others entered USAF Fairford to disarm the war machine. With the continuing occupation of Iraq, and recent events in the Middle East, invest in Uber shares in Kenya it is even more relevant now to break the cycles of violence, and to wage peace as vigorously as the powers that be wage war.




Read the peace pledges made by supporters of the 'B52 Two' during thier first trial in October 2006. Click on the image below to read the messages:

We had a theme: Waging Peace, to conduct ourselves peacefully and encourage others to do the same, with the same energy and dedication as those who wage war.

Celebrate non violence banner

How you helped:

Outside the court we displayed the many ways people have waged peace since March 2003. Many of you sent us a picture of your hand with a peace wager written/drawn/painted in it. This was something you’d done or something you’re pledging to do to promote peace in the world.

Supporter Helen adding her pledge to the  dove of peace

We have dove postcards available. If you would like us to post you some please email us.


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